Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A beautiful heart's journey

Friday, October 11, 2013 at 8:30am
Sarah and Hubby were on KFLW!
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Meet Sarah, a loving Army wife and mother.
She gave her husband the BIGGEST welcome home surprise.
This is her story.
Sarah at over 275lbs

             A few years ago, Sarah made a BIG decision. Sarah wanted to become healthy. Healthy for herself. Healthy for her family.

 Wedding day!

The day they adopted their beautiful daughter <3
            She was at a point where her weight was taking a toll on her body and mind. Sarah had diabetes, high blood pressure, back problems and had undergone back surgery. She needed help.
            After a great deal of trying to lose the weight on her own she began discussing options with professionals. After tons of thought and consideration, Sarah was approved for gastric bypass surgery. After about a year of classes and counseling, she went through with it.
Pre surgery at just over 259lbs
       The first few months were HARD to say the least. She ended up in the ER time and time again. Surgery was not a quick or easy fix by any means but she was determined to be a healthier person to keep up with her energetic daughter and loving husband. She was not going to let the surgery define her. She wanted to become healthy, not just lose weight. She needed a lifestyle change and that's just what she did.
       Sarah started running, doing 5K’s, going to the gym, eating healthier and in smaller portions. The weight started to come off.
           Only a few months after her operation, her husband was due to deploy. She was heartbroken but decided she’d make a goal for his return home. She was going to surprise him with her new, healthy self.
The day her soldier left.
During the 9 month deployment, Sarah and her husband, Patrick, talked on the phone and video chatted… but Sarah would NEVER show below her shoulder/collar bones. He had no clue! No clue that is wife was becoming half the woman he had left months ago.

Sarah continued working out, doing 5K's, 10K's and eating healthy.

Sarah with daughter in her Patriot Guard vest. It never closed before.

                There were hard days, days she sometimes felt she let herself down but she had come so much further than she would/could ever admit. Not only was she becoming healthier, she was inspiring people all around her, including her husband who took it upon himself to also get into better shape while deployed. Sarah was inspiring the world.

Her husband doing her Virtual 5K in support of her in Kuwait

Sarah's journey was hard and sometimes lonely, but she knew the end result would be AMAZING! She just couldn't wait to see her husband's reaction.

The day is here!!!!!

       Sarah, as nervous as anyone would be in her situation, stood shaking, waiting for her husband to come marching in. Today was the day! The day she was going to see her soul mate, the day she'd show him what she had been up too.



Sarah continues her new lifestyle change of healthy eating and exercise and has signed up for her first half marathon!
(You're a true role model Sarah, and an inspiration to us all! Love you doll!)

Hubby able to carry his beautiful wife!
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Stay tuned for their daughter's surprise 'daddy's home'!
Story coming soon...


  1. :) so happy for her and her family! :)

    Congrats Sarah you are doing great!!

  2. This is amazing!!!!!! I hope she prints this all out to read over and over again. So happy for her and her family!

  3. Wow!!! I'm so happy for you and your family!

  4. I have only 2 words for this... fat. shaming. why should we try to be like the unhealthy anorexic models we see on tv?? that woman is deteriorating, this is just like the jews in concentration camps, starving without food just because some person or group wants them to. in our time this group is the media and we must stand up to fat shaming and BE BIG AND CURVY, JUST LIKE GOD WANTED! i bet that little girl is right now being brain washed into thinking she should eat rabbit food and excercise when the reality is very different. unfortunately she will realize what too much excercise does to her body only after her bones begin to break down... this is a sad thing to see

    1. This is a very cruel post. Eating more times a day without the overly greasy foods is not rabbit food or starving yourself. People don't seem to understand how the body works. The more times you eat a day the more you burn calories, as long as you're avoiding the overly fatty foods. Please do not judge based on a post that shows about 10% of her life.

    2. You're a fucking idiot. How can you compare death camps where they did slave labour and barely had any food to you stuffing your face. This woman will be able to play with her daughter, carry her daughter, and be around for a long time unlike you posting this garbage at 3:22AM in the morning eating McBeetus in your underwear

    3. guys, guys... don't feed the troll - she's already had enough to eat!

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