Friday, November 16, 2012

a Delivery Story: Baby H

When Cody and her husband, Tim, found out they were pregnant with baby number 3, they were ecstatic! Would it be a boy? Would it be a girl? Did they really care either way? They already had one of each, so with this baby being the last they thought, let’s keep it a surprise! As long as he/she is healthy, that’s all that truly matters.

As months went on, Cody and Tim had typical check-ups and sonogram appointments. Baby was coming along great, 10 fingers and 10 toes. During one of the ultrasounds, the doctor noticed something. The baby only had 2 out of the 3 vessels in its umbilical cord. With this new knowledge, worries started crossing their mind. Could something be wrong? Would the baby be ok?

They prepared for all scenarios, mentally, emotionally and above all, positively.

Due to the many potential outcomes of the baby, the doctor suggested having the baby close to the due date but not any longer than the date. Mom and dad agreed with baby’s health soley in mind.

Cody was induced early morning Friday, November 16, only 2 days before her due date… and so this delivery story begins.

I arrived only a few hours after Cody's water had been broken. They wanted to see if her body would naturally start labor without the help of pitocin. They were in such great spirits. Big smiles, teasing one another and making each other laugh. True loves.

Contractions started to kick in. Cody sat in total peace, bouncing on her labor ball, listening to upbeat music. Hubby was never far away to comfort and support his beautiful wife.


Cody had been checked around 11am. 6-7cm dialated. "Only a few more hours" stated the nurse. I could see Cody's face and remember that feeling when you're soooo close to delivery but it's still soooo far away. She was ready. Ready for the pain to be over (no pain meds), ready for her little boy or girl to be in her arms.
Not even 20 minutes later, Cody felt the urge to push! The nurse came back to check her and sure enough, she was fully dialated and ready for delivery!

After about 5 mins of pushing, baby was here!!!! A baby GIRL! She was beautiful, HEALTHY and the sweetest baby you'd ever meet!

They were so happy for their beautiful 7lb 11oz blessing, Karli Rae.